2018 CIPA EVVY Judging Registration
Please complete the following form so that we may most effectively distribute the 2018 CIPA EVVY book submissions. We thank you for your interest in this organization and your extraordinary work and time contribution. Additional information in regards to book assignments, judging information, and instructions will be sent following receipt and processing of this survey.
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We do our best to match readers with their primary preferences, however if your top choices are unavailable, or if there is a high volume of submissions, please list the categories that you would be willing to judge if necessary. *
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Please read and agree to the following terms in compliance with the CIPA EVVY Judges Code of Ethics: "CIPA EVVY judges are recruited from CIPA members, other authors and publishing professionals, as well as educators and individuals sincerely interested in evaluating good books for recognition and awards. To this end, the CIPA EVVY committee, operating under the CIPA Board of Directors hereby adopts the following CIPA EVVY JUDGES CODE OF ETHICS. As a CIPA EVVY Judge, I hereby pledge to: 1) Conduct myself with honesty and integrity and maintain the highest possible standards in my role as a CIPA EVVY judge, and, 2) Judge my assigned books impartially and fairly according to the CIPA EVVY Judging Guidelines. If I cannot judge a book impartially, I will let the CIPA EVVY committee know immediately so the book can be reassigned to another judge, and, 3) Remain anonymous throughout the judging process, and, 4) Never reveal the scores I give or which books I judge outside of the official scoring system. I will retain my personal opinions of the books I judge until after the CIPA EVVY awards banquet in August, whether or not I remove my name from the list of judges. This includes not reviewing the books I have judged on any social media platform, online review sites, in any print publications or on any mass media, and, 5) Aside from being allowed to keep the books I receive to judge, I understand and accept that there will be no compensation for judging of books." *
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