McCall Home and School Association Officer Nomination Form For Fall 2019 Special Election 麦考尔家庭及学校协会干事提名表格 2019 年秋季特别选举
The McCall Home and School Association (HSA) is made up of parents, teachers and staff who work together to create a positive school environment and to provide resources for extra-curricular endeavors in fulfillment of the McCall Mission "every child can succeed if given the proper environment.” The HSA responsibilities include:
• Coordinating school events in partnership with the school Administration for the purposes of fundraising, community building, and/or promoting a culturally inclusive environment
• Maintaining communication channels with McCall families via email, social media, and/or other means
• Raising funds to supplement the McCall school budget to meet needs that encourage learning and build opportunities for all McCall students
• Managing HSA financial records and other related documents to maintain the HSA’s 501(c)(3) status
• Abiding by the HSA By-laws in regards to policies and procedures.

This is a Special Election and does not replace the scheduled election that should take place in May 2020. In this Special Election all officer positions for terms beginning in October 13, 2019 and ending June 30, 2020 are open for election and nominations are being accepted until 3 p.m. on Thursday, September 19, 2019. We are accepting nominations for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

If you would like to nominate yourself or another parent/guardian/teacher for an officer position, please fill out this form. Nominees will be notified of their nomination and will be asked if they are interested in running for an officer position. Note: Each parent/guardian, teacher, staff member and Student Council President and Vice President is allowed to nominate up to three names (including their own) for each position.

麦考尔家庭与学校协会(HSA)由家长、教师和工作人员组成,他们共同努力创造一个积极的学校环 境,并为课外活动提供资源,以实现麦考尔的使命:“如果给予适当的环境,每个孩子都能成功。” “HSA 的职责包括:
•通过电子邮件、社交媒体和/或其他方式维护与 McCall 家庭的沟通渠道
•管理 HSA 财务记录和其他相关文件,以保持 HSA 的 501(c)(3)状态
•在政策和程序方面遵守 HSA 章程。
这是一次特殊的选举,不会取代原定于 2020 年 5 月举行的选举。本次特别选举自 2019 年 10 月 13 日起至 2020 年 6 月 30 日止的所有公职人员职位均开放选举,提名截止日期为 2019 年 9 月 19 日(星期四)下午 3 时。我们接受以下职位的提名:主席、副主席、秘书、财务主管。
如欲提名本人或其他家长/监护人/教师担任公务员职位,请填妥此表格。被提名者将被通知他们 的提名,并将被问及他们是否有兴趣竞选一个军官职位。注:每位家长/监护人、教师、教职员、 学生会主席及副主席最多可为每个职位提名三名候选人(包括他们自己)。(请打印清楚。)

Ballots containing information on each candidate accepting a nomination will be distributed October 1, 2019 via classroom notice given to every student.

The Nominating Committee
Cari Akula, Peggy Banaszek, Katrina Clark (Philadelphia Home and School Council), Fran Sandrow

包含每位候选人接受提名的信息票选将于 2019 年 10 月 1 日,每位学生们可以收到纸张通知。
真诚地, 提名委员会 Cari Akula, Peggy Banaszek, Katrina Clark(费城家庭和学校委员会),Fran Sandrow

Clearly print name and contact email/phone # for each nomination.

President 1 主席 1
President 2 主席 2
President 3 主席 3
Vice President 1 副主席 1
Vice President 2 副主席 2
Vice President 3 副主席 3
Secretary 1 秘书 1
Secretary 2 秘书 2
Secretary 3 秘书 3
Treasurer 1 财务主管 1
Treasurer 2 财务主管 2
Treasurer 3 财务主管 3
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