Survey: TCK love and marriage
Results and findings from this research will be used to train caregivers of TCKs and also published in a series of articles on All of your answers will remain anonymous. For questions, contact Esther at
What's a Third Culture Kid?
Third culture Kids (TCK) are children raised in a culture other than their parents' (or the culture of the country given on the child's passport, where they are legally considered native) for a significant part of their early development years. For adults who have had this experience as children, another term used is adult third culture kid (ATCK). TCKs move between cultures before they have had the opportunity to fully develop their personal and cultural identity. The first culture of such individuals refers to the culture of the country from which the parents originated, the second culture refers to the culture in which the family currently resides, and the third culture refers to the amalgamation of these two cultures. [Wikipedia] // I know this isn't a perfect or complete definition. If you aren't sure you fit (story of our lives, right?) drop me a line:
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