Pick-up & Accommodation Feasibility- Spring2018
REGISTRATION CLOSES ON Dec 20, 2017 AT 11:59 PM CDT (Chicago Time)


*Confirmation of Services will be provided in due time.

Pick-up only from O'hare International Airport. Drop destination can be only under Zip-Code 60607, 60612 and 60608.

Please note that you can fill the form only ONCE. To make any changes please contact us on igsa.uic19@gmail.com

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• You have to pay membership and pick-up fee ($35+$35) in cash to the coordinator once asked. This fee is fixed for every student regardless if he or she arrives alone or with a group. To take benefit of the IGSA pick up and accommodation services, it is COMPULSORY to be a member of the IGSA.

• Membership fee for IGSA includes entry for all the IGSA events, food at those events, discounts for parties organized in collaboration with IGSA and lot more. Events will include festivals, cultural events, networking events, graduation party, meet and greet with alumni etc. The programs for the year will be decided by the board members and will be posted on the IGSA Facebook page and website.

• The team members assigned to pick you up may change in case of emergencies. We will inform you of changes as soon as we know about them if such a situation arises.

• If your schedule says that you will have to wait for a few hours at the airport, we request you to comply and not complain about this. Please understand as all students are making time from their winter schedules for you and this was done only in the interest of efficient logistics.

• Many of the hosts are currently in the process of shifting themselves and those students who are accommodated temporarily are expected to help them with the process and will shift with them.

• Once the students have found a house and are moving in, at least one person is expected to call the numbers given below to inform the IGSA regarding the same. We would also be very grateful if the students who have obtained houses host some other students which will greatly reduce the burden on IGSA and the hosts.

• Payment in cash of $70 to be done before completion of your pickup service.

• Every year, there are cases where a student requests a pickup and/or accommodation from IGSA and is nowhere to be seen/found after their flight lands or suddenly turn up with family/friends. In case of an emergency, if you want to cancel your pickup/accommodation request, please inform us up to 48 hours before your flight is scheduled to land. The cost of transportation is equally distributed among all those being picked up and we do not want one person's irresponsible behavior to burden the others. So we will charge such people their equal share of transportation.

• The hosts will accommodate you for a maximum of 8 days. Extension of this time is entirely on the discretion of the hosts. No. of accommodation days cannot be guaranteed but best efforts will be taken to provide the accommodation for the set period of time.

• During the period of temporary accommodation you might be re-accommodated. IGSA will take the responsibility of the moving in such situations.

• You are responsible for your own food and luggage during the temp accommodation.

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