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TeachersAroundMe.com is an online digital edtech (educational technology) platform that helps you source, screen and connects you with professional Teachers, Linguists, Counselors and Skill Trainers. We save you the time and stress of going through lots of unqualified candidates cv’s, and conducting interview with the wrong person, all in the quest of  looking for the right candidate to fill in the vacant position. TeachersAroundMe does all of the hard and dirty work for you, and handpick and pair you with potential fit, in little to no time.

Kindly fill this form accurately (preferably, using google chrome browser), to HIRE a Professional on TeachersAroundMe.com or go to the site to select your preferred choice among the listed professionals.

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Would you like to pay TeachersAroundMe.com directly or would like to pay the professional in question directly? *
(click YES if you would love to pay us directly and NO if you will love to pay the professional directly. This field is only meant for organizations and not individuals) If you will love to pay the professional directly, remember TeachersAroundMe.com has a commission and you agree to pay the commission and any other damage caused by the professional in the course of failing to pay as and when due.
If you will like to pay us directly, here is the account details:
Bank: FCMB
Account Name: TeachersAroundMe Limited
Account Number: 5004777014
NOTE: Only organizations has the option right. If you are hiring as an individual, the only option is to pay the company TeachersAroundMe.com directly, with the above stated bank account details.
You agree to always treat professionals assigned to you by TeachersAroundMe.com right, and give us periodic review on their performance. *
Kindly upload a copy of your Work and Government issued ID card (eg. Voters Card, Drivers License, International Passport, or National ID) Here or Send to support@TeachersAroundMe.com
If you’re hiring as an individual, kindly upload a copy of your house utility bill Here or send via email to support@TeachersAroundMe.com 
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The plan you select would help make TeachersAroundMe.com connect you with any educator of your choice; within that period. Subscription payment can be made into                                                                                                                                                                     BANK: FCMB.                                                                                                                                                                                         ACCOUNT NO: 5004777014.                                                                                                                                                            ACCOUNT NAME: TeachersAroundMe Limited
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