Holding Sparrow Accountable
If you or a loved one have had a negative experience with Sparrow's Lansing psychiatric ER, you are not alone.

This form is completely anonymous (unless you fill out the final box). Answers may be shared with the community with the purpose of educating community members about the negative conditions of Sparrow's psychiatric ER, how it compares to other psychiatric ERs, and what mental health emergency services may be preferable. If you would like to share more information about Sparrow's psychiatric ER, have questions about this survey, or would like to be more involved in this cause, you can email mentalhealthinmichigan@gmail.com. 

Note: if your experience was positive, feel free to still share it!
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When was your experience (or experiences) with the Sparrow psychiatric ER? Please give at least the year of your experience, the month if you remember. 
What was your experience?
What would you like people to know before going to the Sparrow ER for a psychiatric emergency?
Is there an ER or service that you would recommend people use instead of Sparrow if they are experiencing a psychiatric emergency? If you'd like, tell us why you'd recommend this service over Sparrow. 
Optional place to put your name/contact info if you’d be interested in sharing your story further. Absolutely no pressure to put anything here—you can just leave it blank! Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out this form—I truly hope it will help people in the future.
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