Brighton Fashion Week 15th-18th October Showreel Design Competition 2015

Brighton Fashion Week 2015 is focusing on what really matters in fashion and the creative industries - ethical, fair and sustainable practice. As an organisation we are committed to asking the difficult questions and uncovering a new diverse generation of responsible creatives in the process.

We have already introduced some exciting initiatives that are designed to make people stop and think. Every day we are confronted with the undeniable and ugly truths prevalent within the very industry we are part of, and we are starting a call to meaningful action from within. We want to be a part of the change in the inequality and unethical practices that plague the world of high end and high street fashion.

Over the years the team at Brighton Fashion Week have been a bedrock for hundreds of talented up and coming designers and artists, and we see mentoring the development of these individuals as central to what we have become. Brighton Fashion Week provides the perfect conditions for the shoots of inspiration to thrive. We are the here and now, we are the game-changers, we are the future.

    About the competition

    Costume, performance, art, technology, architecture, fashion.... They are by nature inextricably linked. One informs and influences the other through sharing ideas, adapting developments, seeking insights and innovation throughout fueling this progressive cycle. Showreel is a uniquely focused showcase of this relationship between life, art and costume, and the resulting fusion which exists. Showreel 2015 is a an International design competition that challenges artists, designers and creatives to work from a brief and create wearable art for the human form out of recycled waste. Showreel is one of three major shows taking place at Brighton Fashion Week 2015, taking place from the 15th-18th October. Selected finalists will showcase their design in a choreographed live showcase at All Saints Church to an inclusive audience of 500 industry and public attendees on Saturday 17th October. Applicants can enter 1-3 designs either through submitting photographs (if the designs already exist) or drawings. If selected then only one of the proposed outfits will be showcased. Each entry needs to include a description of which materials will be used, as well as an explanation or the meaning and vision behind the design. Every design that is selected to participate in Showreel has the chance of winning one of several awards, with one winner receiving £1000. Mandatory: All designs must be made out of recycled materials and should consist of a whole outfit. Our 2015 event is open to all creatives over the age of 18. Deadline for entries: 29th August 2015. All selected finalists will be required to pay £100 towards showcasing and production fees.


    Showreel Design Award One lucky winner will be selected by a professional panel following the Showreel Performance. They will win the title of Showreel Design Competition Winner of the year 2015, and be rewarded a £1,000 injection into starting up a business or furthering their design career. This award is sponsored by Veolia Environmental. One runner up will be announced and acknowledged at the show and featured by our media partners, further details of this will be confirmed soon.

    The Brief - Beauty From Waste

    Think. Things are not always as they appear. Use your imagination. We are looking for original and innovative works of wearable art created from recycled materials. The brief is open to interpretation and we urge you to use your resourcefulness and personality to translate ‘Beauty From Waste’ into your own unique and remarkable work of art. Creatively explore, develop and devise, experiment with processes, and do not be afraid to take lateral approaches. Push boundaries and explore countless individual possibilities to submit designs which stand out in remarkable ways. All successful designs will feature in our stunning choreographed live showcase that explores the place where fashion and art enmesh. We promote co-creativity and collaboration between industries and the sharing and developing of unique ideas. The possibilities are yours. We want to offer the opportunity to be free in your creative processes The only golden rule is that all the materials you use must be recycled, pre-loved, or marked for disposal. Think. Here is a link to examples of types of waste:

    Entry Requirements

    Entries open 24th June 2015 Indicate your intention to enter by filling in the online entry form and paying the entry fee. The competition has two stages. Stage 1: Sumbit your ideas for entries online, entries will be accepted for design ideas and inspiration, via an online application form and shared secret Pinterest board. These will then be judged and a list of finalists will be announced. Stage 2: Finalists will be required to make their design which will be showcased and judged at Showreel's live showcase on Saturday 17th October 2015. STAGE ONE: DESIGN ENTRIES Deadline: 29th August 2015 Entrants are required to create a Pinterest mood-board (p highlighting the inspiration behind the design, such as, use of waste materials, description of the entire outfit, how the outfit will be constructed, used and other ideas and images, as well as sketches of your design or photographs if it has already been made. Designs must be made out of 100% recycled materials. Once your Pinterest mood-board is complete, entrants should complete the application form and include the url link to your Pinterest board and up 300 words explaining the reason for your garment choice, the inspiration behind your design and why you feel you should be selected as a finalist. STAGE TWO: FINALISTS Finalists will be required to complete their garment(s) by Saturday 17th October. All finalists will be required to pay £100 towards showcasing and production fees.


    Entries Open for Submission: 25th June - 29th August 2015 Selection period - 29th August - 10th September 2015 Announcement of finalists - 14th September 2015 Winner Announced - Saturday 17th October 2015 at the event


    The Judges for Showreel are: Jarvis Smith - Editor My Green Pod & PQ Magazine Cat Fletcher - Owner of Freegle More to be confirmed.

    How will the design be selected and judged? / What is the judging criteria?

    Once your application form and relevant material has been received, the following will occur: The panel of judges from will inspect the entries and select the finalist designs. This decision will be based on the following: ◗ Designs must be made out of 100% recycled materials ◗ Designs should display creative innovation, originality and the “Wow” factor ◗ Designs should show quality craftsmanship– judges will consider how well the design is constructed ◗ Designs should make up an entire outfit, including accessories rather than just one piece. ◗ Designs should be made from a unique use of materials – choose waste-diverting not resource consuming. • All successful applicants will then be notified by email on/before August 30th 2015 All entrants who’s designs have been accepted will be notified by 30th August 2015. Final Judging Criteria will be based on : *Creativity and originality, interpretation of theme 20% *Design and use of recycled materials and technique 20% *Stage Presence 20% *Quality of construction 20% *Overall presentation and concept 20%

    Entry Fees - Paypal

    Entry fees are paid using the automated Paypal System Entries are charged at: *1 entry: £25 *2 entries: £40 *3 entries: £50 (maximum of 3 designs) Only one design can be showcased at the event if selected. ***The finalists selected to showcase will need to pay an additional £100 towards production and showcasing costs.

    Design considerations:

    All material used in your design MUST consist of recycled/waste items Each design must be durable to wear in rehearsals and during the live show Please ensure that materials used in the design will not cause harm to yourself, your model or to the public Showreel is about extravagance and costume design so we of course encourage theatrical pieces. A spectacle of eccentric individuals, developed characters, and bold statements. A spectacular show where fashion, art and performance collide.

    Tell us about your design

    Provide a brief description of your design (maximum of 300 words per entry) This should include the materials used and where they are sourced, the inspiration behind the design, how it will be made, how it promotes sustainability, how it relates to the brief etc.

    Email us a Moodboard, photos or sketches of your proposed design

    Please upload photographs or sketches to a 'secret' Pinterest board that will represent your completed design, which the judges will inspect. Ensure this is very detailed. Include sketches/photographs of your entry. Ensure there is a variety, highlighting the most important aspects of your design and showing the type of recycled materials you will use. Please share your mood-board via using the same name as your entry to the Brighton Fashion Week Pinterest account: The Pinterest board you share with us must be a 'SECRET' board: