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We are thrilled to announce the inaugural Composer, Computer, Distance conference taking place May 3 - 4th in Sheffield, UK. Our guest artists include Joanne Armitage, Rebecca Fiebrink, Diana Salazar, and computer scientist, Judit Tövissy. Our main aim for the conference is to highlight the diversity within the computer music scene here in the UK and to explore the distance between technology and composers. We aim to reach the non-traditional audience outside of academia and make computer music accessible. Both of our venues will be in the Sheffield city center at a local coffee shop and a local arts venue. We are working to bring in A-level students, university undergraduate and post-graduates, as well as non-academic emerging artists who self identify with a marginalized body (e.g. queer, LGBT, minority racial groups, and female artists).

Please use the form below to register for a workshop. Please choose in order of preference. We will aim to honor all requests. Note that a personal laptop is required for participation. Each participant is required to provide their own laptop on the day of. We cannot guarantee that there will be power outlets available. Please plan to bring a fully charged device.

All applicants will receive an Attendance Confirmation email with location details.

In this hands-on workshop, we will explore the use of machine learning for building new digital musical instruments with sensors. No prior machine learning expertise is needed, but it is very helpful if participants have prior experience with at least one of the following environments: Max/MSP, pd, Ableton Live, Processing, openFrameworks. Please bring a laptop(**) and install the following software on it before the workshop:
* Wekinator ( (Run the app after installing; if it asks you to install extra Java bits, please install those as well.)
* The Wekinator “quick start pack” for your operating system:
* Any other example code compatible with software or hardware you’d like to use (
Please also bring to the workshop any controllers or sensors you’d like to play with, such as : Leap Motion, GameTrak, Myo, WiiMote, Arduino + sensors, micro:bit, joystick, gamepad. (It is fine if you don’t have any of these; there will still be plenty to do!)
**Note: If you don’t have a laptop or run into installation difficulties, please come anyway! We will partner you with someone who has a working machine. Feel free to email Rebecca ( before the workshop if you have any questions about installation or what to bring.

In this workshop we will delve into the very basics of programming with a coding dojo and The Hour of Code. Participants can also engage in a demo of 3Dify, a software prototype that uses pre-AI image processing to estimate relative distances in an image and extrapolate a stereoscopic view from it. Absolutely no coding experience is needed.
Please bring a laptop(*) and install the following software on it before the workshop:
- Hour of Code Tutorial - Star Wars: Building a Galaxy With Code (Blocks) (
*Note: It's alright if you don't have a laptop, you're welcome to join anyway! We will partner you with someone who has a working machine, pair programming is great! Feel free to email Judith ( before the workshop if you have any questions about installation.
Total # of participants: 16 (We can have up to 4 teams with 4 members each if tables at the venue can be arranged so that the teams can sit together for discussion)

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