Pillar Team Application
Interested in joining a Pillar Team? - you're in the right place! This application is your first step.

What is a Pillar Team?

Joining a SFLA Pillar Team is your opportunity to take your pro-life activism to the next level with mentorship from a dedicated Students for Life team member. Each Pillar Team is a little different, but, generally you can expect collaboration, monthly trainings, and free resources to help you do something big on your campus or in your community!

Here is what each Pillar Team will be doing:

-- Supportive Services Pillar Team: Changing campus policies to benefit pregnant and parenting students.
-- Industry Impact: Removing Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry from schools.
-- Effective Education: Having conversations on campus and discussing the best resources for conversations.
-- Rapid Response: Responding to pro-abortion events on campuses and in communities.
-- Public Policy: Organizing lobby days and advocating for pro-life legislation and against pro-abortion laws.

If you're interested in multiple pillars, please fill out this application multiple times.

Pillar Teams will be due by May 1st for the 2020-2021 school year. Enrollment is possible throughout the year, as long as room remains on a team.

Contact Lori Cascio, Director of Programs, if you have any questions. lcascio@studentsforlife.org,
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