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Hello dear friends! This form is the only way to moderators of the Dragon Lord community. Fill in all the fields, and if your candidacy interests us, we will contact you via Skype.
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Name, Surname *
Date of birth *
You must be at least 16 years old.
What is the main purpose for your desire to become a moderator? *
Select the answer that is closest to you. With this question, we will determine if your desires correspond our principles.
Server *
Specify the server on which you are playing. Example: S1: Dragon Lord
Niname *
Enter your game nickname.
Your facebook profile *
The page in Facebook is needed to gain access to the closed group of moderators in case of approval of your application
Your profile on our forum: https://espritgames.ru/forum *
Example: https://espritgames.ru/members/1088842. If the link leads not to the profile, but to the login page, the application will be rejected.
Your Skype ID *
Indicate Skype ID by which we can find you and invite you for an interview. From the moment you apply, please be on Skype. If you do not respond to the invitation within 24 hours, your application will be rejected.
Your gmail account *
Enter the mail to your Google account, with which you can read and edit online documents.
Rate your knowledge of Dragon Lord *
What level have you reached in the game? *
It's about the game you want to moderate. If you played on multiple accounts - indicate the maximum level.
How long have you been playing Dragon Lord? *
Do not try to trick the administration. It is in vain.
How much time can you devote to moderation? *
Indicate the number of hours per day or days that you can devote to moderation. You can specify in the form of a schedule.
Your previous moderation background *
Tell in detail if you were already a moderator somewhere, what was your responsibility, why did you leave the post. It is advisable to attach links to moderation resources.
What do you want to do as a moderator? *
What can you additionally do as a moderator? *
If you expect rewards for your work, indicate in detail their type and quantity. *
We need to know your opinion. Please refrain from the "talk at the interview" answers. The form is completely confidential and only people who decide to accept you as a team will see the answer. Please indicate the truth, so that if we cannot satisfy your desires, we will not waste your and our time.
Can you create game guides if necessary? *
Some more details about yourself *
Tell us any additional information about yourself that will increase your chances of becoming a moderator.
Attention! A notification will be sent to you only if you are invited to an interview.
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