Remote Lesson Survey
We miss all of you and hope that everyone is doing as well as they can under the circumstances. We are so disappointed to have had to cancel classes and lessons, but we are dedicated to making this work as well as possible for everyone until we're able to resume our normal lives again.

This form will help us to make sure your online lessons go as smoothly as possible.

In most cases, we will be trying to keep your lessons or Songlab class sessions to normal times, but we are open to restructuring schedule if we can work out with teacher schedules.

We will be sending out more details asap and we'll be in touch soon to set up our first video session.

Looking forward to seeing you online soon!
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The teacher needs to hear the student and see their hands on their instrument during the lesson. Please let us know if it is possible to place the computer/device used for video chat so we can see/hear your child.
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For all children, we will need an adult to be able to set up and initiate the session with teacher. For our youngest learners, we will likely need an adult to assist throughout the session.
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