Northeast Oregon Values Survey
Our region’s Values are intended to be a resource and tool for local decision makers, policy setters, business owners, organizations and residents to understand what our region cares about and to help align efforts so that we enhance and protect these values. They also provide a guide on how our region will view opportunities and threats regarding future proposals involving change by asking ourselves “How does this action positively or negatively affect our values?” and “Are there any tradeoffs between values with this decision?”

Please provide your input on whether or not the following values should be used to guide economic and community development in our region.

A Good Life ~ We value living in a place with authentic small towns, a relaxed friendly atmosphere, where it is easy to get around, all of which contribute to our high quality of life. *
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A Caring Community ~ We value being a caring community with an atmosphere of diversity, acceptance, and unity which fosters a sense of belonging. *
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Connected to Nature ~ We value our region’s incredible productive agricultural lands and large natural landscapes that contribute to our well-being and promote a commitment to environmental stewardship. *
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An Engaged Community ~ We value our welcoming and civil civic culture that allows people to easily contribute and collaborate for the betterment of the community. *
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An Entrepreneurial Community ~ We value our diverse locally-owned businesses, and the creativity, innovation and collaboration that supports businesses of all stages and sizes. *
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Family Friendly ~ We value being a family-friendly community that supports youth with a strong educational foundation, authentic relationships, and a safe environment. *
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A Healthy and Active Lifestyle ~ We value healthy, active lifestyles and a diversity of wellness and healthcare services that enhance our well-being allowing us to live meaningful lives, filled with a sense of adventure and joy. *
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A Learning Community ~ We value a diversity of lifelong cultural and educational opportunities for all, which provide for an interesting and stimulating life. *
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A Secure Community ~ We value the security of living in small towns where familiarity builds trust and we can earn a good living. *
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Please suggest other values you think should guide economic and community development in our region
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