Application for the Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretaries-General - JHUMUNC 2019
DEADLINE: No Deadline Rolling Admissions

JHUMUNC Session XXII welcomes this year's delegates with the chance to participate in one of the most unique Model UN experiences, the Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretaries-General. The Ad Hoc committee amplifies the impromptu crisis-driven elements of a typical Specialized committee at JHUMUNC, changing one important aspect of the committee: the topic of the committee and delegate positions will not be released until shortly before the conference. The committee has had huge success since it was introduced in 2016 and it is looking for another great year in 2019. Delegates will have to be fast and creative with problem solving, scheming, and strategizing in order to succeed. Since this is a committee in which pre-conference preparation and research is impossible, qualified and experienced delegates who are interested are encouraged to submit an application for the Ad Hoc committee. Ideal candidates include head delegates (or other club/team officers) and juniors/seniors with extensive crisis committee experience. Ultimately, the topics of the committee, its time frame, and who it is composed of have all been designed with the goal of making the Ad Hoc committee a fast-paced and competitive environment in which an equalized level of preparation will allow for delegates’ Model UN skills to be put to the test.

Responses to the short answer questions do not need to be lengthy essays; they should be relatively brief.

This year, the Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretaries-General will be chaired by Kacie Wuthrich. Kacie had previously chaired Ad Hoc for JHUMUNC in 2017 and is excited to return. If you have any questions about the committee feel free to contact her, at or the Under-Secretaries-General of Specialized Committees, Artur Barkan and Serena Goldberg, at

Nota Bene: Prospective applicants should refrain from filing an application until AFTER their delegation has registered and submitted payment. If this is an issue, please have your advisors contact the School Relations and Registration Team at

Remember: You may apply to both the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and the Ad Hoc Committee of the Secretaries-General, but only admitted to one based on which your skill set and interests match the best with.
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