BRARC Field Day 2019
Offer equipment or assistance for Field Day operations for the Baton Rouge Amateur Radio Club. Dana Browne, AD5VC, is Field Day coordinator and can be reached at or 225-907-5549
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Late night operating is any time between 11PM Sat and 7AM Sun
Radio Equipment
HF radios should be 100W and have a microphone, fused power cable with powerpole connectors, and a manual. A digital station should have radio, interface and separate computer. Other stations should include radio, feedline and antenna.
Power sources
We will use Marine Storage batteries (60 A-hour or more) and charge them with a gas generator. The battery charger should be able to charge at 10-20A, not a trickle charger or high current charger. Solar/wind power is listed down further under bonus activities.
Antennas and setup
We have the observatory tribander 10m/15m/20m and an 80m dipole. We need two antennas on each of 80/40 and second antenna (beam?) for 20/15/10.
We need 6 laptops plus AC chargers. They need to have a wired Ethernet jack. They should run windows XP, Vista or 10. They should have a guest account with name "brarc" and password "w5gix".
Operating equipment
We typically have two operators at each radio, one logging and one operating. The items below refer to items you might leave for others to use. Be sure to mark any items with your callsign!
Food and Drink
Public Outreach
Bonus Activities
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