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дана аплікаційна форма є заявкою на участь у відборі ЛНАМ / Big Idea Challenge 2020.

Кінцевий термін подачі заявки 25 травня!

Світова пандемія COVID-19 та карантин, запроваджений в Україні та Великій Британії, щоб бути в курсі новин щодо конкурсу – приєднуйтесь до нашої групи

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З будь-яких питань щодо конкурсу – звертайтесь до координатора
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Big Ideas solve problems or satisfy pressing needs for people. Tell us about the problem or unmet need that your idea addresses (max 50 words)
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Who will your customers / users be?
These people will become your buyers or users. Who are they? Be specific - think age, gender, interests, locations, demographic and passions (max 50 words)
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How will your idea make money?
Explain how your idea will make money. Some possible sources of income include selling, subscriptions, renting, leasing, licensing, or advertising (max 50 words)
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What makes your idea different, original or better than the others?
Is anyone already doing this (solving this problem for people)? What is the issue with the existing solutions? (max 50 words)
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