P Patch to Food Bank Bike Delivery Volunteer Sign-Up
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These volunteer opportunities may range from biking deliveries for other Seattle area food banks, biking out to local farms to pick up donated produce, and supporting your local Stay Healthy Street by conducting pedestrian and bicycling counts, taking photos and sharing stories.
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Do you need to borrow a bike trailer from us?
These bike trailers are easy to install on your bike and well will bring them to the food bank that you will be delivering groceries for. After you are finished with your delivery and no longer need the trailer you can ether bike it back to the food bank or we can work with you to find a good pickup time and place for returning the trailer to us. Currently our trailers require that you have a bike with a quick-release rear wheel.
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If your help is needed by another group that we trust, may we share your information with them?
We will never share your information with advertisers, political candidates or parties, corporations, or the government. Possible interested groups include other Mutual Aid Networks, transit advocacy non-profit groups, food banks, and community garden organizations.
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Any additional specifications, comments, or questions?
Thank you again for taking time to fill this P Patch to food bank volunteer bike delivery interest form form! We will reach out to you as soon as we can!
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