P-patch and Urban Farm produce rescue by bike volunteer sign-up form
Help support food prosperity in your local community while also enjoying the sunshine and greenery on your bike!

This spring and summer the Pedaling Relief Project is partnering with local P-patch community gardens and urban farms to help harvest and transport extra produce to food banks and community fridges all over Seattle.

If you are interested in receiving emails or text messages about upcoming garden and urban farm produce rescues by bike just fill out the form below and we will email you a confirmation email.

If you or someone you know has a giving garden and would like help donating extra produce to food banks and community fridges please use our easy to use our easy to use produce pickup request form https://forms.gle/h6KRRorF9ysaUTee7

If you have any questions please email maxwellb@cascadebicycleclub.org

Now, lets pedal some fresh and nutritious produce out into the community!
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Your availability listed below is used to help the Pedaling Relief Project and our partner p-patches and food banks determine when we hold produce rescue rides and how many riders we are needed. Please select your most common availability by day below. If your general availability changes after submitting this form please email maxwellb@cascadebicycleclub.org to update your availability.
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How many paper grocery bags of produce are you able to carry on your bike?
2 bags is the standard. If you are able to carry less or more, please indicate that below! Knowing how many bags you can carry lets us plan for rescues where we will be picking up heaver produce such as cucumbers, beets, and squash.
Do you have gardening gloves and pruning shears?
Some of our partner gardens may need help with harvesting/gleaning the fresh produce that they would like to donate. If you have gardening gloves and pruning shears please let us know as that would make it easier for us to assist these gardens that need extra help!
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I agree I have fully informed myself of the contents of this waiver & release and addendum https://cascade.org/cascade-fgr-waiver-and-release by reading it and agree to its terms. If you have any questions about the waiver please email maxwellb@cascadebicycleclub.org
Thank you for expressing your interest in volunteering with us. Together we hope to be able to use our bikes to help connect families who are experiencing food insecurity to locally grown fresh and nutritious produce!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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