2018 Yearly nominations are:
welcome to our yearly noms! use the drop down to pick from the categories provided from our thread! This will be open until January 20th
Best Couple
Best Ship
Best Sense of humor
Biggest flirt
Most original character
Best Character arc
Best Event of the year
Best Vampire
Best Leopard
Best Wolf
Best Lion
Best Human
Best Witch
Best Animator
Best Merrow
Best Wanderer
Best Yokai
Most likely to - Never be single
Most likely to - Quietly take over the world
Most likely to - Forced to see a Therapist
Most likely to - Always be the heartbreaker
Most likely to - Be a Drama Queen
Most likely to - Accidentally kill someone
Most likely to - Cause a fight
Most likely to - Be in a porn
Most likely to - Kill their significant other
Most likely to - Get arrested for public nudity
Most likely to - Always be happy
OOC - Best RPer
OOC - Best Writer
OOC - Best Smutter
OOC - Create Unique Characters
OOC - Fastest poster
OOC - Most Helpful
OOC - Most Creative
OOC - Most Active
OOC - Most Funniest
OOC - Best Plotter
Other thoughts or comments
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