Therapeutic Patient Education needs: Questionnaire for patients
Dear patients,

ReCONNET is a European network for rare connective tissue diseases. The aim of the ReCONNET project is to improve the care and treatment you receive in the context of your disease. Before we can determine how best to help you we must first obtain your views. You are therefore requested to complete the enclosed questionnaire so that we can determine what kind of therapeutic patient education (TPE) you need, even if you have already taken part in a TPE session.

Therapeutic patient education or “TPE” is a way of helping patients with a chronic disease to manage their life in the best possible way. TPE is a continuous process and is an integral and ongoing part of patient caregiving. The purpose of therapeutic education is to help patients acquire and maintain the skills they need to take responsibility for their own care and develop their capacity to adapt on a daily basis and so improve their quality of life.

A healthcare professional may have provided you with oral or written information or prevention counselling on various occasions, but this is not the same as therapeutic patient education.
A therapeutic patient education programme is not a patient expert programme.

This questionnaire will only take you a few minutes to complete, is entirely anonymous and will help us to better meet your needs.
Thank you for taking part!

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