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Thank you for your interest in being an instructor!

Instructors need to:

1. Be on the varsity tennis team of your high school

2. Secure court time, either a public court, or a private court (let us know if you need help finding a court)

3. Purchase or borrow balls and a ball cart/hopper (approximately $75 total on Amazon if need to buy)

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School & Grade (as of the upcoming school year) *
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How many seasons have you been on the Varsity Tennis Team at your school? *
Do you have experience with kids ages 7-13? If yes, explain. (i.e. younger siblings, camp counselor, tutor, etc.) *
Please share the description, address, and availability of the court you will be using. *
When/How often would you like to give lessons? Are there week(s) you are away or unavailable? How many lessons would you want to give a week? What days and time of day? *
Will you be purchasing tennis instructor supplies or do you already have them that you can use/borrow. *
Any additional questions? Someone from Impactful Tennis will be in touch soon.
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