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In-person with HP Adam Sartwell, class begins May 2021.

Witchcraft IV is the fourth in a five-degree system of training for the modern Witch in the Temple of Witchcraft tradition. Explore the art and science of Witchcraft through the lens of modern ritual magick. Focusing on the element of Air as the overall tone for the fourth degree, work with different models of magickal understanding and communication. Drawing from the influences of Hermetic philosophy and Qabalistic lore, work deeply to balance the four elements within, finding the inner sacred tools of the stone, cup, sword and spear. Climb the ten spheres of the Tree of Life, exploring the magickal correspondences of each through color, scent, angel, god, planet and pathworking. Learn to adapt Ceremonial Magick rituals such as the pentagram protection rites to a Witch’s perspective. Understand your own unique perspective of the universe and create your own Map of Reality.

Assuming there is sufficient enrollment, level five will be offered in alternate years. Graduation at level five can lead to the possibility of ordination through the Temple of Witchcraft religious organization, but ordination is a separate process and is not guaranteed.
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Witchcraft IV is a purposely intellectually challenging course. *
It exposes students to ideas and thoughts not often found in the bounds of more traditional Wicca. Are you prepared to challenge past conceptions and explore both past magickal theories and philosophies and your own personal gnosis?
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Do you suffer from any medical issues that you feel might impair your studies? *
Do you currently or in the past have any diagnosed mental health, psychological or neurological issues? Do any currently require medication or have required medication in the past? Have you ever spent time in a mental health facility? Do you suspect you might have an undiagnosed mental illness or imbalance? *
If you answer yes to any of these questions, please state the nature of the issue. All magick teachers should be aware of the mental health of their students to best be able to help them on the path. While such issues are not necessarily prohibitive to study, full disclosure of such issues is necessary for your continued safety and wellbeing while in the program. Failure to disclose can result in termination from the program.
Have you ever experienced or suffered from issues of addiction, including but not limited to alcohol or drug addiction? If so have you received treatment for your addiction and what is your current status of treatment? *
Are you prepared to make a commitment of study to this course and training for the year? *
The study of witchcraft can bring up personal issues and seemingly unrelated life circumstances that are challenging. These issues are to be worked through during the course, not avoided. The teacher and fellow students are making a commitment with you for a year, and you, in turn, must take that commitment seriously and work to the best of your ability. Exceptions and accommodations can be made for those in serious need, but you should be confident in your ability to complete the year. Please inquire with the instructor if in doubt.
Have you ever registered for this course before or another Temple of Witchcraft course and not completed it? *
If so, why, and how have conditions changed that you will be successful this time?
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If yes, please describe the nature of this experience and if you feel it will affect your class performance.
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Availability of Training
This training is open to people of all races, sexual orientations, gender identity, ethnicity or background. We do reserve the right to refuse admittance to those who do not possess the necessary stability or health to safely complete the program and we reserve the right to refuse graduation certification to any and all that do not fulfill the course requirements to the best of their abilities. The course requires a level of self-responsibility, discipline and introspection to successfully complete.

This training is not a substitute for medical care or psychological counseling. Students are wholly responsible for their own physical and emotional well-being and care. Students are also wholly responsible for their emotional or other reactions to meditation, ritual or shamanic journeying work. Support by peers and teacher is provided, but if you require outside support and facilitation via a counselor or therapist, make sure such support is in place BEFORE starting the course.
Confidentiality Agreement *
All private materials related to this course (i.e. those materials not available or for sale to the general public) are under consideration for future publication or release, and thereby must be kept private, used only by students currently enrolled in class. By enrolling in this class, I acknowledge that I may have access to confidential information relating to the traditions, books, products and business activities of Christopher Penczak. I understand that disclosure of this information to third parties would cause substantial detriment to Christopher Penczak’s ongoing business.I agree that I will not, during my apprenticeship engagement in this apprenticeship or at any time thereafter, disclose to any third party any confidential material, including writings, files, artwork, designs, formulas and audio material. I will likewise keep material shared by other students in the apprenticeship, personal or professional, confidential unless otherwise given permission to disclose such information by said party. Apprentice groups should be confidential places where people feel comfortable sharing information and experience.
Total course fee: $360. I agree to respect the bounds of the payment plan outline for the course and honor my educational, spiritual and financial commitments. Payment is nonrefundable and expected in full even if you decide to remove yourself from the course through withdrawal. Although highly unlikely, the instructor reserves the right to terminate any apprenticeship due to misconduct, disrespect or other great incompatibility and a pro-rated portion of the funds will be returned if payment is made in advance at the instructor’s discretion.

By signing this form and registering for this class, you certify that you are of legal age and agree all the information above is accurate to the best of your ability, you agree to abide by the Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement and to participate in the format and structure of the class, completing all assignments and class work to the best of your ability. Electronically submitting this form with your name on it will be considered the equivalent, legally and morally, as a signature.

Your class payment is due prior to the start of the class. Visit https://adamsartwell.com/course-payment/ to pay online via PayPal.

If you are mailing a check or money order, please send to:

Temple of Witchcraft
Attn: Adam Sartwell
49 North Policy St.
Salem, NH 03079

Please indicate your legal name and "W4 2021" on the check.

Please note that processing this application can take several weeks. Thank you for your patience.
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