PhilaSoup Grant Application Spring 2019
Interested in presenting an idea that will impact students in Philadelphia at the next PhilaSoup event on Sunday, April 28, 2019? You’ll need to fill out this PhilaSoup Grant Application.


The application deadline is April 7th at 10 PM. The top three applications will have an opportunity to present at our Spring Soup on April 28th.

All proposals will be reviewed by the PhilaSoup External Review Committee.

All applicants will be notified by April 16th whether they will be invited to present. Presenters are expected to respond to PhilaSoup correspondences within 24 hours or forfeit their entry.

All selected presenters will be given 5 minutes to present their project at PhilaSoup's 4/28 Spring Soup, followed by a Q&A with attendees. Attendees will vote on the project they like best and the project that receives the most votes will receive the largest percentage of the grant pool for that Soup. Subject to the specific limitations below, the first place winner will receive 50% of the total grant pool, the second place winner will receive 30% of the grant pool and the third place winner will receive 20% of the grant pool.


All applications will be evaluated on the following criteria:

-Student Impact: The project should directly impact a specific group of students in Philadelphia and the project should enhance the learning experience for students. Student voice should be reflected in the implementation of the project. Student impact also includes addressing the diverse needs of the target students and impacting or advancing equity in the school. PhilaSoup defines equity as an applicant’s ability to understand, design and implement their project through the lens of promoting and increasing racial, gender, sex, ethnicity, ability, learning ability, linguistic, social or socio-economic equity. Working towards equity goes beyond simply increasing the number of disadvantaged students served to thinking more holistically about how race, class, gender, sex, ability, ethnicity, language etc., manifests in all aspects of education in Philadelphia.

-Feasibility: The project should have a realistic budget and timeline. If the project cannot be fully funded with a PhilaSoup grant (see information below regarding grant size), the application should describe additional sources for funding. The project should be implemented within the current school year.

*GRANT SIZE: Grants will only be awarded up to the maximum amount requested by the presenter and will be limited to a maximum amount of $800. For example, if your project has a budget of $250, and you are the first place winner, even if 50% of the grant pool is $300, you will receive $250. If your project has a budget of $900, no matter what percentage of the grant pool you receive, the maximum amount you can receive is $800.


By submitting this application, you are agreeing that if you are selected and receive a PhilaSoup grant, you will follow up with PhilaSoup with respect to the implementation of the project for which you received funds. You may also be asked to appear at or attend a future PhilaSoup event.

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Describe your project for which the grant will be applied, including what successful implementation would look like at your school or organization. (Max 250 words) *
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Please provide information on the budget and timeline for your project (max 250 words). Please include the following budget and timeline information: the budget for completing the project? If a PhilaSoup grant is unable to cover all expenses related to your project, how do you anticipate covering additional costs? When would you begin the project? How long will it take to get started? How long will this project last? Is it something that will be repeated multiple years? *
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