Pastor Gary Knighton Ministry Request Form
Please fill out this form if you would like to extend an invitation for Pastor Gary to come and minister at your next church or ministry event. Submitting this form does not guarantee that Pastor will attend your ministry event. We do, however, review and pray over every submission to ensure that Pastor will, in fact, be available and that it is the will of God for Pastor Gary to speak or teach at your event. We can guarantee that no matter the outcome, we will respond in a timely and professional manner. Thank you.
Dates that Pastor is currently scheduled to preach
If you need Pastor on a date that he is already scheduled elsewhere to preach, but your time that day is not conflicting with the event(s) listed below please proceed to fill out the form.

Sunday, Sept. 29th - 11:00 AM in Windsor, CT
Sunday, Oct. 6th - 10:00 AM in Bloomfield, CT
Sunday, Nov. 3rd - 10:00 AM Hartford, CT
Sunday, Dec. 1st - 10:00 AM in West Hartford, CT
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This is for the representative who is sending the request or the persons who we are expected to reply to if you are not that individual.
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Is there a theme or designated scripture(s) that you would like Pastor Gary to preach from? If so please list it below *
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How long is Pastor expected to preach? Is there a time limit that he should adhere to? *
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Have there been any major tragedies, incidents, or sensitive topics that Pastor Gary should refrain from speaking about while ministering? *
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What does the Senior Pastor typically wear to an event like this? *
This will help Pastor Gary gauge what he should wear to your event
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Can Pastor Gary share about the work he does with college students as college missionary at the University of Hartford? *
Is it okay for Pastor Gary to make an appeal for individuals from your congregation to potentially join is financial support team either as a one-time donor, a monthly supporter, or an event sponsor? *
If the travel time to this event exceeds two hours of driving time, are you able to provide him Pastor Gary with transportation to and from the event? *
Flying is always preferred; Train is fine as well up to 6 hours of travel time. If you are able to provide transportation our team will be in contact with you to help set up those arrangements. A "No" does not mean that Pastor Gary will not come to your event, it just means that we will have to consider the total cost of travel into our ministry budget.
Hotel accommodations are requested if Pastor Gary will need to stay overnight/multiple days unless stated otherwise. Will you be able to accommodate him? *
Please no motels. Preferred hotels Marriott, Holiday Inn or Hotel Inn Express, or a Hilton.
A note about an honorarium or compensation
Pastor Gary does not have a set honorarium; He humbly asks that you would take into consideration the time he spends praying, studying, writing, and traveling to be able to minister at your event.
Any additional information about this event that you think would be helpful please share it here
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