BVW Regional Solo & Ensemble Sign-Up 2019
If you are going to participate in the Regional Solo & Ensemble Festival on Saturday, April 6th at Olathe South HS, you MUST fill out this form COMPLETELY.

***The deadline to submit your information and payment to us for this festival is Thursday, March 7th at 3:30 PM.***

Fees are:
$10 per instrumental solo
$18 total per small ensemble (3-6 people)

Checks must be made out to BVW Band Boosters and be placed in the payment box prior to the March 7th deadline. Cash will be accepted only with exact change.

Students may take two solos, but they must be performed on different instruments and perform music by different composers. Students may be in two ensembles. Therefore, students may take up to four events (two solos on different instruments and two ensembles). There will be a separate fee for each event.

Solos have a time limit of 5 minutes to perform, including tuning. Ensembles have a time limit of 7 minutes, including tuning.

You must bring an original set/score of your music for the judges, and perform from an original as well. Measures must be numbered in the judges' set.

Again, the deadline to submit this form in its entirety WITH payment is March 7th at 3:30 PM.

If you receive a "I" rating at the Regional Festival, you qualify for the State Festival. The State Solo & Ensemble is held on Saturday, April 27th at Topeka-Washburn Rural HS.

Student and Piece Information
If you are performing in an ensemble, list the names and instruments of all members of the ensemble.
Student Name(s) *
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Instrument(s) *
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Name of Piece *
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Composer of Piece *
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You MUST perform with an accompanist if your piece is published with a piano part. If it is a solo with no accompaniment, or an ensemble with none, write "Unaccompanied - none."
Accompanist name (or none) *
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Time Requests
This is only if you (or your accompanist) CANNOT perform at another time. Please only request a specific time frame if absolutely necessary. They will receive a large amount of requests that day, and we are more likely to get specific times if we submit less requests. Please use AM, PM, or No Request Needed.

Example: Sally is taking the ACT that Saturday morning. Sally should click "PM" below to request an afternoon time AFTER she has discussed this with her pianist. Sally should make sure to take her instrument into the ACT room with her.

Time Request *
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