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Who's birthday is celebrated by having the "Hour of Code" during that week?
Which of the following is an encryption cipher?
What programming language did we use with Trinket and Turtles? *
Which of these content providers does the FAQ list as major investors in new cables? *
Satellites are more cost efficient than fiber-optic cables when sending digital data. True or False? *
What is the expected life span for each fiber optic submarine cable? *
When writing the code for a trinket - what symbol is used to make a comment? (A comment is a way to annotate your code to explain what it is doing) *
What does forward(300) do? *
What is this? *
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What is binary code for a decimal 11? *
A credit line is? *
Which of the following are the 3 credit bureaus used by lenders? *
A part of a program that does not work correctly *
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