2019-2020 NHS Application
After filling out the application, you must pay your $40 application fee to the finance office as soon as possible. Only applicants who pay the fee will be inducted, even if you qualify. All applicants who meet the requirements of a 3.7 cumulative GPA and haven't received disciplinary action from schools or their community, will be accepted. If you don't carry a 3.7 or more GPA, you will not be accepted. Once inducted, you are required to complete 5 hours of service per term--one of which should be dedicated to one of our chapter's service activities. You must also commit to one member meeting per term. The application period ends September 13, 2019. Students will receive a letter of acceptance and be asked to attend an official induction ceremony on Sept. 26th. Once you have received your letter of acceptance, please plan to attend the Induction ceremony to receive your certificate and other important information.
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in a couple of sentences, List ways you have been a leader to your peers, your family, or your community..
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In a short response, list community service you have participated in the past year. These can be service projects done with a group either in or out of school, or done as an individual.
Character *
Provide an example of how you exemplified integrity this past year.
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Why are you focused on achievement in school? What kinds of things do you do to achieve academic success?
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