The Dramatic Improv Festival Workshop Instructor Submission
Fill out the info below to tell us a little about the class you would like to pitch for The Dramatic Improv Festival 2021! If you have any questions, feel free to email before submitting.
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Please be as DETAILED as possible- this needn't be a finished blurb; it's more for us to determine if your class will work for the festival. Please let us know how the subject matter of your class dovetails with dramatic improvisation.
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Please enter your preferred class price. Remember, the split is 70/30, instructor/festival.
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Would you be interested in teaching a second class, or a second session of this class? If it is a new class, please enter the description below.
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Unless otherwise noted, your classes will have a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 15. Please note if this should be different.
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Please drop in a brief bio that outlines your experience for potential students. Should your workshop be selected, you will have another chance to update this prior to publication.
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