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Hi there! Thank you for your interest in joining Hammerhead Insiders. We'd love to know more about you, so please fill in the form below. This is a first step into becoming a playtester for Hammerhead, allowing you to play unreleased game content and give compelling feedback directly to our teams. Suitable playtesters will be contacted as soon as possible!

Our studio is based in Newcastle, so please be aware that to apply you must be able to visit the studio at your own expense. We can only accept applications from players that are 18+ and you will be required to bring valid photo identification with you, and the birth date selected below must match your ID. You will also be required to sign an NDA for unreleased content.

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Thank you very much for signing up to Hammerhead Insiders. If you fit the kind of profile we are looking for, we'll be in touch soon!
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