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We are building our list of people who would be willing and available for 30mins to provide feedback, test ideas, practice explaining, cheering on and supporting teams during the Hen House FemtheFuture Hackathon.

Your contribution will be on a voluntary basis and if you want to join the Coop creating this platform you will be eligible to join the coop for $1. This coop is being incubated by the Hen House Coop and will be formed post the Hackathon

We need people with experience to gift 30mins of their time over the course of the weekend for teams to tap into. It is not necessary for you to be in the same location, we will phone or use hangouts to connect. We want to tap into your expertise, your mentoring skills, your knowledge base.

If you have more than 30 mins to gift in more than once that will be a bonus! Teams will select the support they require as the process goes on and will select volunteers from this pool as necessary.

Thank you for your generosity.
Moira Were AM
Hen House Coop

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7. Please choose any of the timeslots that work for you. We will be looking for 30mins of your time for teams to check in over the weekend.
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8. I will be available to join the final session for team presentations on Sunday 27 June 4 - 6pm *
9 If you answered yes to Q8, would you be willing to be one of the panel who the teams could present to ?
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