Backburner Projects

Backburner projects are small tasks, projects and work that just seem to never get done. Maybe they aren't high enough on your priority list to fund a full position to do this. Or maybe they are just too short term.

Now, you can work with the University of Hawaii, Maui College students to get these projects done.
Our students are being trained in entry level GIS, GPS use and Remote Sensing. They may have other skills too, like data entry using Microsoft Office software, or web development.

Post your needs here, and students looking for part-time, temporary work can help you with your BACKBURNER Projects and check them off your list!

Please make sure your post includes the following information:
a) What kind of project - GIS, Remote Sensing, Other?
b) What skills the student must have to complete the project - especially if they need specific software on their own computers.
c) Where you expect the student to complete the project - at your office, at home, etc.
d) How much you are willing to pay the student for the work - this must be paid work. All students who will be reviewing the projects will have their own GE license and can be paid as independent contractors. This is not an internship program. If you are looking for an intern, please contact the CareerLink program at UHMC here:

You and the student can determine deadlines and how to submit the work, but in the posting, keep it more like a quick job ad.
Contact Sarah McLane at or 984-3330 with questions.

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