BMAT Crash Course Online - Bursary
If you’re a realistic medical/veterinary/dentistry applicant and feel you can’t afford the price we’re asking for the online BMAT Crash Course, please fill out the application form below as completely as you can. A big part of our decision-making process for bursaries is looking at the effort that goes into the application form, so we’d suggest spending a bit of time getting it right 🙂
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How much would you be willing and able to pay for the online course? Please give us a number - don't say "I'll take what I can get" or words to that effect. *
Please write us a mini-essay explaining your financial circumstances and why you'd benefit from this bursary (approx 500 words). *
This is the most important section of this application. Remember, the more money-off you're asking for, the more effort you should put into this. Please write with proper spelling, punctuation and grammar etc - when you get into medical school, you'll have the opportunity to apply for lots of grants and funds for various things, and they always ask for a well-written explanation of why you'd benefit from the grant money. This will hopefully be good practice :)
Please attach any documentation/evidence of your financial status and/or a letter from your school explaining your situation.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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