Why Women Quit Bible Study
I have talked to a lot of women who feel overwhelmed when it comes to Bible Study. Often they start out with good intentions and then quit before they finish. I want to serve you in the days ahead and help you finish your next Bible study. With that in mind, I'd be grateful if you would answer a few questions! Thank you so much! -- Stacey Thacker, staceythacker.com
First name
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Why do you study the Bible?
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What is the last Bible Study you signed up to take?
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Did you finish it?
If you finished it what motivated you to work until the end?
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Have you ever started a study with good intentions and then quit before the end?
What happened during the study that contributed to you not finishing it?
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On a scale of 1-10 how important would you say Bible study is for a Christian woman
not very important
essential to my faith
What causes you to choose a particular study?
Of all the Bible Studies you have used which one has had the greatest and most lasting impact? Why do think this is true?
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What is your biggest frustration when it comes to studying the Bible?
If you are a leader what is one thing you have done to encourage women to join your study?
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Any other thoughts you may want to share
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