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Karolina Rose: www.karolinarose.com
Karolina Rose
Karolina Rose left her job as portfolio manager at a fund of hedge funds in the city to pursue her music full-time indefinitely. She has teamed up with NYC-based producer Andros Rodriguez, with his previous work including clients such as Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Jewel, and Lenny Kravitz.

About Karolina and her project: She is an alternative electro-pop singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn. With a pureness and vulnerability, Karolina Rose mixes soulful vocals with fresh 80s-inspired synth pop, wrapped in dark undertones. Influences include Debbie Harry and Florence Welch. She performs her project with the full sound of a band, but will be performing her original songs unplugged on guitar. You can find her at www.karolinarose.com and on Spotify: https://play.spotify.com/artist/4GVeZtXhBV3fDy2iOyGVUQ.

With FED talk by...
Michael Basch
Michael Basch
I began my career at age 16 as a barista at a coffee shop called Coffee Bean in LA. I worked my way up to become the store manager by the time I was 18. I worked there through undergraduate and business school, and by the time I left at age 23, I was overseeing 22 stores and over 400 people.
While doing that, my friends from had started a T-shirt company. I joined as the fifth partner, initially part time but becoming full time in 2007 when I left Coffee Bean. We grew the business from a T-shirt company out of a dorm, to a multi-national sourcing agency with 160 people in offices across 6 countries, which we eventually sold to Superior Uniform Group.
While at BAMKO, one of my Partners and I invested in an Israeli Ad-Tech company, Spotad, in 2013. 6 months later I joined Spotad to head up the non-technical side of the business. The company quickly grew and within 2 years of joining, we had 40 employees in offices across 4 countries.
But the world changed. While I was involved with the Clinton campaign since she announced in April 2015 as a volunteer in the technology & innovation policy team, as the rhetoric from the Trump campaign got scarier and scarier, by the Summer of 2016, I was not going to idly sit out in the private sector while the fight of a generation was at stake.
I asked the Clinton campaign where they needed the help, and they placed me in Madison, Wisconsin. I organized and delivered Madison (a 78% voter turnout, and a 71% Democratic performance—the highest in the history of Madison; we even out-performed Obama 08).
When we lost, I wanted to continue the fight and I felt local governments have never been more important. I put together a generationally-centric NYC Mayoral campaign for the 2017 election tackling social and economic injustices, calling on our generation to do what we have done in technology in government—and take ownership of our own future. Actually, when interviewed by the NY Post, when asked if I was a progressive or a conservative, I replied with saying that i am a “futurist.’ I ran for 4 months up until March 11th, before deciding that there were bigger fights to be had than challenging a Democratic incumbent.
I recently joined the Future Project as our Chief Business Officer. TFP helps high school students discover their purpose and passion. A Mark Zuckerberg/Jeff Bezos backed initiative, I am tasked with helping us expand from 50 high schools today to every high school country wide; changing the standard of what is considered a successful outcome in a high school education in the US.
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