Join us and be part of our Initial Core Team!
We are looking for awesome backend engineers, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Frontend Engineers and Business folks to join our Founding Engineering team and work closely with the founders to build a World Class MLOps Platform team as a Product that enables every company in the world to have an efficient ML Pipeline just like the founders saw while working with Facebook.  Founders have worked and led teams at top engineering companies like FaceBook and come with a pedigree background in education. We are also backed by Top Global Investors like Sequoia, ENIAC and angel investors like Naval Ravikant and Anthony Goldblooom.
What we are doing?

Strong tech companies (founding team comes from Facebook) build platform teams to increase the productivity and velocity of all the teams by providing abstraction to the most generic parts. We are building a generic ML platform team as a product that any company can use or build upon so not all companies need to build this platform from scratch. This will rely on Open Source as the key and the design decisions will be driven in a way to empower DS to have more control over their post Model building pipeline.

The key parts we are thinking of as the initial stack part of platform team product are:
1) Easy deployment of different kinds of services (Always Live services, Cron jobs, Distributed jobs, DAG jobs) even directly from a Data Scientist's notebooks
2) Generation of infrastructure as code and automatic generation of CI/CD pipelines
3) Generation of a business Web App for businesses to play with models and approve them before productionization
4) Model versioning, reproducibility, experiment tracking
5) Automatic generation of monitoring and dashboards - System metrics, Performance metrics, Business Metrics, ML Observability by integrating with other open source platforms

By doing this, we aim to save at least 30-40% of the time that a Data Scientist spends in the non-creative part of the ML Model building and maintenance.

- Nikunj Bajaj: Tech lead for Conversational AI Team @Facebook that launched Portal. ML Team lead @Reflektion in the valley, built system from scratch to 600 Mn users scale. MS from UC Berkeley and BTech, Electrical Engineering- IIT Kharagpur

- Abhishek Choudhary: Senior Staff Software Engineer @Facebook. Involved in Caching Infrastructure re-design and also Led their Battery Optimization and Videos team. One of the fastest growing engineers at FaceBook. BTech, Computer Science - IIT Kharagpur

- Anuraag Gutgutia: CEOOffice Member and Vice President, Portfolio Management @WorldQuant USA  ($12Bn AUM Fund). Managed USD 600Mn in GMV for WorldQuant. Investor in 21+ start-ups including AltoIRA, Dunzo, ShopKirana, SkillLync, CoScreen. BTech, Electrical Engineering -IIT Kharagpur

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