LCN 600 Connected Learning Social Media Survey
This survey will help build a picture of our LCN 600 connected leaning community.
We come to this subject with widely varying experience of using the Web and social media. And that's a good thing! Whatever stage you're at, this is an opportunity to extend your knowledge as a connected learner - and to develop your practice as a connected educator. The survey was made using Google Forms to ensure that responses are anonymous.
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Using social media: Please click ONE of the following questions *
Using the Web: In the last 6 months I have used the web for ... (please click all that apply) *
Using blogs: Please click one or more of the following responses. *
Using wikis: Please click one or more of the following responses *
Using FaceBook: click ONE of the following responses *
Using Twitter: Please click ONE of the following responses. *
This is how I feel about social media *
(Optional) Do you have any questions or concerns about using social media? If so, please add them in the box below.
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