TrotCon 2020 Musician Application
Looking for where to apply to the hottest pony music event in the Midwest? No? Well, then get out! Otherwise, fill this here form out and we'll take a listen to what you have to offer. If you're good, you might just make the cut!

All applications must be received by the end of Feb. 13. We'll be in contact with you to let you know if you've made the cut or not on March 1. If you make the cut but do not RSVP to your acceptance email by March 19, you will lose your spot, which will be passed on to an applicant from the waitlist.

Performer alias: *
Stage name, web alias, whatever you want your badge to read.
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Band name:
Name of your group, if different from just your personal alias.
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Full legal name: *
This will be used for check-in and badge purposes.
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Contact email: *
Primary method that we will communicate with you. Use something you check regularly.
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Full legal names and aliases of other members in group:
We will need the full names of every performer in your act, as well as whatever name they would like to have on their badge. Follow this format: Band Member 1 / Alias 1, Band Member 2 / Alias 2, Band Member 3 / Alias 3, etc. Note: ALL BAND MEMBERS MUST ACTUALLY PERFORM WITH YOU. Signing people on as members of your band just to grant them free access to the convention won't be tolerated.
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Audition URL: *
This is your chance to prove to us that you have what it takes to score a spot at TrotCon. It's a highly competitive event wherein we normally can only accept roughly a quarter of those who apply each year. Your audition should represent the style(s) of music you intend to perform at con and should run no longer than around 15 minutes. We listen to all applicants and the final list is chosen by an impartial jury of staff who run the gamut of the music industry from performers, live sound, music industry professionals and recording engineers. Simply due to time constraints we cannot accept everyone; please know that we do utilize the waitlist if spots open up, and we will always accept new submissions in future years even if you didn't make the cut previously. Submissions can be in any format, including but not limited to YouTube playlists, dropbox files, SoundCloud tracks, and so on.
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Have you performed live before? *
Please list your experience, if any.
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Music URL: *
Whatever site you use to highlight your music normally. YouTube, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, personal website, however you roll is fine with us.
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Other Social Media:
Hype your hangouts here. Twitter, tumblr, facebook, deviantArt, myspace, LiveJournal, Rainbow Dash Network, wherever people can find you lurking about on the interwebs.
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Discord Username (If You Have One!)
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Genre: *
What you call that which you play.
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Time Requested: *
How long of a set you intend to play, in 15-minute increments (ie 1 is 15 mins, 2 is a half hour, and so on). This does not necessarily mean that you will get the amount you request.
Parental Advisory: *
If your music would get slapped with a parental advisory warning, then answer yes. This in no way disqualifies you from performing, but it will mean that you will need to take a later performance time.
Bio: *
Write something brief about yourself! This will be used on the website and in the program guide to hype you!
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Setup: *
This is where you fill in what equipment you'll be using and what inputs and outputs you'll need available. (Example: 2x direct line outs from our software-based mixers on our laptops, 3x XLR mic outputs [all 3 Shure beta58s]. We'll also have 2x laptops, 2x keyboards, and a pad set, but we'll provide our own stands etc for those. Mic stands would be useful.)
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Anything we need to know that isn't covered here? Have specific requests for proper maintenance of your theremin and glass harmonica? Have a rare condition that makes you incapable of walking normally in the presence of dubstep? Ask away here!
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What comes next?
After you hit that big submit button, we'll peruse over your information, take a listen or five to what you have to offer, and when the time comes for making selections you might make the cut. We'll be in contact either way, and we may even contact you ahead of time with any questions we might have for you regarding your plans. Good luck!
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