ContactCoin Airdrop :22.222 CNTC (200 USD) Refferal:5.000 CNTC (45 USD)
Designed for low-income individuals and small business owners. Instant payouts are triggered by wind speed registered by weather-stations within 30 mile radius from insured’s permanent location.
Select your crop and the location of your field. Automated payouts are triggered by drought or flood events reported by government agencies.
Affordable, accessible protection against risk of death or heavy illness of a community member. Immediate emergency payment which helps to get through critical times.
First decentralized insurance. Payouts are automatic and almost instant. Now fully licensed, available in all jurisdictions.
Protection against risk of theft and attacks of hackers on wallet smart contracts. Target coverage - up to $1M.
Policy pays up to 100% of the issued loan amount if value of collateral provided by the borrower (i.e. ETH, or tokenized car) drops by 90% or more.

1CNTC= 0.009 USD
Currency of the investment
Minimum Requirement (Soft Capital)
Maximum Requirement (Hard Capital)

ico sales will begin on 15.07.2018.

ico sales: 1CNTC = 0.009

Free Tokens will be blown up on 20 July 2018.
Contact’s price is set by the free market on online exchanges:

****You must maintain a presence on both Telegram and Twitter until the airdrop date.
****To Sign Up - Follow ContactCoin on Twitter, Join us on Telegram, Share the campaign.

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