Lighting and Safety Questionnaire
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Do you feel safe in Cambridge at night by yourself?
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Do you feel safe in Churchill College grounds at night?
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If you answered no to Q1 or Q2 what makes you feel unsafe? I.e. Poor street lighting/ no lights in parks
Which areas in your opinion would you feel safer in on Churchill if there was better street lighting?
What areas in the Hills college area or greater Cambridge do you think would feel safer with improved street lighting?
Below are some suggestions of things which can be implemented to improve safety at night. Please indicate if you think they would improve feeling safe:
A flashlight
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Someone to walk with
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Porter-to-porter check in (if in a different college leaving to go home you ask the porter to contact the Churchill porter to say you are walking back and to be expecting you)
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Anything else that could make you feel safer walking alone at night?
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