Application Form - WPATH 2020 Officer Positions
Nominations are now open for the following Officer positions on the WPATH Board of Directors:

- President-Elect (term = 2020-2022; becomes President, 2022-2024; becomes Past-President, 2024-2026)
- Treasurer (term = 2020-2022)
- Secretary (term = 2020-2022)

Criteria for Board Officer positions, can be found here:

To nominate a candidate, you may submit their name, email address, and country of residence to the WPATH office at, the Nominating Committee will inform them that they have been nominated. Nominees are free to decline.

Self-nominations are accepted; simply fill out and submit the Application form.

ALL APPLICATION FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED by Friday, July 24, 2020 at 11:00pm Eastern Time.

Please note that a nomination or a submitted application does not ensure a place on the ballot. The Nominating Committee will vet all applications and ensure that final candidates understand the requirements of service and will work to ensure that the final ballot/slate for Executive Committee composition will be as diverse as possible, considering global representation, racial and ethnic diversity, professional (interdisciplinary) diversity, and gender diversity.

Voting to approve the slate and select the Member-at-Large positions will take place in September-October.

Newly elected Board Officers and Members-at-Large will be installed at a meeting of the full board near or in conjunction with the 26th Scientific Symposium being held virtually from November 6 – 10, 2020.
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Please indicate number of years as a Full Member of WPATH (Must be at least the last 3 consecutive years of paid dues): *
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Do you support the mission of WPATH "To promote evidence-based care, education, research, public policy and respect in transgender health," and the vision of "We envision a world wherein people of all gender identities and gender expressions have access to evidence-based healthcare, social services, justice and equality"? *
Do you support the continued development of Standards of Care and gender-affirming evidence-based practice? *
Do you support affirmative care and body autonomy as articulated in the ethics of justice and internationally affirmed human rights principles? *
Are you currently under disciplinary action by your college or professional society? WPATH Board of Directors shall act in accordance with the ethical standards set by professional specialty boards or other professional societies where they hold certification or membership. *
If you answered "Yes" to the question above, you are not eligible to apply for this position.
Describe your previous board experience, if any. *
Describe your understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Board Members. *
How would your competency, skills and experience complement the WPATH Board of Directors position you are seeking? *
Are you able to attend meetings regularly by phone, video platform, and in-person (when agreed by consensus of the Board Members to do so)? Board meets minimally every other month for 1.5 - 2 hours by phone or video platform, in person at the international biennial symposia, and at another location in the non-symposia years. *
Are you able to dedicate approximately 20 hours per month to board duties? *
Are you able to commit to a 6-year term if you are applying for the President-Elect position, or to a 2-year term as Treasurer or Secretary? *
Please declare any conflicts of interest that may impact your ability to support WPATH's mission and vision, and engage in Board activities. *
If you have no conflicts of interest, please write "N/A."
Please comment on your commitment to diversity and inclusion. *
Please comment on your approach to creating and maintaining a collegial working relationship with other board members. *
Please comment on your commitment to consensus-building. *
Please include a personal statement outlining your background and vision for WPATH (max 500 words). *
Please describe your experience in leadership positions within WPATH (max 500 words). *
Please describe any other experience in leadership positions (max 500 words). *
Please list below the name of a current WPATH member that we may call on as a personal reference for your application. *
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