Stock Smarts: Winning Strategies for Investing Delivery Form (Book 2)
Thank you for the inquiry Stock Smarts: Winning Strategies for Investing. Book 2 at the moment is only available via online orders and will not yet be available in bookstores.

Book is 495 Pesos + 60 Pesos delivery charge in metro manila and + 120 if out of town(maximum of 6 books per pouch, can be bundled with book 1 or you may add 50 Pesos to get a bigger pouch and add more books)

*you may bundle both book1 and book 2 in one delivery charge

*For overseas deliveries kindly send us an email to get the specific delivery rates for your country.

*Other Books Offered:

[Personal Finance] Randell Tiongson's 1st Book - No Non Sense Personal Finance (500 Pesos)
[Personal Finance] Randell Tiongson's 2nd Book - Money Manifesto (600 Pesos)
[Personal Finance] Jayson Lo's two books - Younique and Debtermined. (400 Pesos each)
[Business and Entrepreneurship] Paulo Tibig's book on Entrepreneurship - (450 Pesos)
[Real Estate Investing] Carl Dy's Book on Real Estate Investing - (150 Pesos)

Just indicate the books to be purchsed in the comments section if books other than Stock Smarts are ordered. You may just also merge all deposits into one payment.

Total number of books in one delivery can be up to 6 books. Add 50 Pesos if more than 5 books are ordered as a bigger courier pouch would be required.

Step 2: Send book deposit to :

Paul Marvin Germo
Savings Account

*Transfer via BPI Express Online and Express App is accepted

Step 3: please send picture (camera picture will do) of deposit to and to cross check deposit. Please write your name and branch of deposit in the

Step 4: email confirmation of you reservation will be sent to your email
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Book Recommendations:
Mike Oyson, CFA, CEO, BPI Trade

"Some people have a gift of simplifying the intimidating and making the elusive approachable. Marvin is one of them. Marvin’s new book is a fresh take on how investors, both beginners and veterans, can raise their chances of making money in the stock market. It is both inspirational and instructional. His investing approach will set you up to a new path of owning your dreams."

Riza Mantaring, CEO, Sun Life Financial

“Marvin's first book was an instant bestseller as it gave valuable lessons on the stock market and investing in very easy to understand layman's language. The second book is written at a very opportune time -- the Philippines is taking off and is forecast to be entering a period of strong growth for the next decade or so. With increasing wealth, people are looking for options for their hard-earned money, but may be jittery as the road up is never straight. This book should help reassure you when the inevitable dips and valleys come.”

David Ingles, Anchor, Bloomberg TV

“Definitely a great read at a great time just when the Philippines and its middle class are regaining the lost ground of recent decades; presents a very practical approach in understanding the complex intricacies and not-so-apparent risks of the stock market. Most importantly, it gives the small guy a fighting chance”

Maricar Reyes-Poon, Actress/Model

“Ten year olds attend Marvin Germo's "Stock Smarts" seminar. He has such a heart for helping people understand that the stock market is not a scary monster who will eat your money. A little knowledge from him goes a long way.”

Alvin Ang, PhD, President, Philippine Economic Society

" Investing wisely is like working hard but with a twist. The twist is that you enjoy while you work. This is exactly the passion of Marvin - shared and exposed in this book. This book will teach you Marvin's right foundation (Matt 7:24-27) that is cemented with a passion to see millions of Filipinos move from consumers to investors. This book is a great contribution towards seeing a sustained and inclusive Philippine economic growth."

Jocel and Mylene Evangelista, Senior Pastors, New Life the Fort

“In order to truly master something, two things are needed: an understanding of the trade, and a passion for doing it. Marvin Germo demonstrates both in his new book, written for all those who wish to invest in the stock market with the same mastery, and who wish to reap the same rewards. If you need guidance and tips on how to invest with a solid foundation, then this is surely the book for you!”

Jayson Lo, Best-Selling Author of YOUnique “Understanding others by Understanding YOU”

“I have read Marvin's book from cover to cover, and it talks about it all---from learning about the stock market, to why we should invest in our own country, to creating winning strategies in investing. The best way to describe it: A Winner! The second best description: A Must Read!”

Dennis Sy, Best-Selling author of Rich for Life

“In Marvin's first book, he goes to the heart of every Filipino and inspires us that there is hope in the Philippine market. In his next book, he goes from the heart to our head and equips us to be winning investors!”

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