YGIC Student Registration Form (2023-2024)
A 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization | Website: www.ygic.us | Email: admission@ygic.us
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FINANCE: Please confirm you have or will submit the registration fees of $50/Yr. Now that we have a new building, our upkeep is ~$12K/Yr. We have 80+ students. At $50 per student we are bringing in only ~$4K/Yr. Rest is supported by donors. $50/Yr. is a minimum requirement. If you feel like giving more, you are welcome to do so. If your financial condition is difficult, please do let us know and we can waive your fees. Checks Payable to “YGIC” please write memo with student’s first name and ygic class on check. Email any questions to admission@ygic.us. Registration confirmations and further info will follow by e-mail. Visit www.ygic.us for annual class schedule, syllabus and much more. Fee is not refundable. *
 Follow the instructions of the security personnel at the entrance. (Cardinal Rule Violation e.g.– Banging on doors, moving barricade, not signing in, threatening etc.) *
 Child will be taken out of the school if they are absent for two classes without notice or tardy (Coming 5 minutes late) 6 times. *
YGIC is built on the back of volunteers' time and relentless hard work. We ask you to be ON TIME paying fees, collecting books, and being on time to class. Be respectful in writing email. Make it a habit of thanking volunteers in every email you send. The best way you return the favor is by acting in a timely manner. *
 A family may be removed upon one violation of a “Cardinal Rule” in the Code of Conduct, or upon three other violations of the Code of Conduct, or upon three repetitions of a single act that violates the Code of Conduct. I understand Attending YGIC is a privilege and not a right. Read the document https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-rD6QvUVLlEAgyey4zrxbs-9YDdm4Mh5/view?usp=sharing *
Any concern, complaint, problem, or issue that any member of the YGIC community wishes to address should be presented through the five-step escalation process. YGIC has no place for EGO. Compassion reigns supreme. *
I here by release YGIC and its volunteers of all liabilities unconditionally. This is what you signed for years. You go to the Temple or any non profit this is what you do. These are set in the constitution. Even at for profit -doctor surgery, Gym membership, school sports is the same. The federal / state/ local laws of course takes precedence. Our Fiduciary duty is to the children, but our foremost responsibility is to protect the teachers who work for FREE from the 1% who will want to take advantage of the system. This rule is for EVERYONE, including donors, volunteers and visitors. It is on the books for 15 years since the first constitution was ratified. If you are concerned, about this clause, we are not the right fit for you. Wish you well. *
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