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Thank you for your interest in receiving an ARC for  Like Grim Death: Part Two by K.V. Rose.
When you sign in blood on the dotted line, you'll get a little more than the LGD ARC (this is a joke; no blood required).

Preorder link and blurb for Like Grim Death: Part Two:

- Like Grim Death: Part Two (Unsainted VI) ARC

- A review on Amazon for Like Grim Death: Part Two

Release date: No date specified yet. You will have 3 weeks after an ARC is received to post a review and still be considered for ARCs in the future.

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**Limited ARCs will be available for this title and preference is given to those who have read and reviewed the previous five books in the Unsainted series**

**The other Unsainted books must be read to understand Like Grim Death: Part Two**

Caution: This is a dark romance which contains heavy themes that may be upsetting to some readers. Prior reading of KV’s work is recommended before signing up for ARCs.

**Please read the entirety of the form and fill out correctly**

Again, THANK YOU: 
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Please note we will take priority to those who have read and enjoyed K.V.'s Unsainted series before. But we would still love for anyone excited to read to sign up :) If you are chosen you will receive an email before ARC's are due to be sent out!
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