BMC Medical Personnel Support; Undergrad/Non-Health Graduate Volunteer Sign-up
PLEASE READ: This is the centralized volunteer form for health professional students to help healthcare personnel (doctors, nurses, custodial staff, etc) at BMC, Boston Healthcare for the Homeless, and Tufts-affiliated Hospitals during this unprecedented pandemic by offering non-clinical support services (ranging from childcare to running errands). If you are willing and able to volunteer to help, please fill out the form below. This is in an independent student effort and is not officially affiliated with any medical school nor any specific medical center.

After you fill out this form, you will be sent a link to a spreadsheet where you can enter more detailed information about your availability. A student coordinator will put you in contact with a healthcare worker in need of assistance and you will be able to coordinate details of assistance directly with that person.

The spreadsheet will have a section in which you can update if you have been matched and whether you are still available to help; please keep it updated so we can track volunteer statuses.

Thank you so much for your interest in participating!

***IMPORTANT: if you have any recent travel, sick contacts, or symptoms of any kind, please ONLY SIGN UP FOR REMOTE SUPPORT*** Please see the CDC site for more details:

Any questions please email
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Please note, if you are signing up for childcare, we ask that you have 2 references (name and phone #) from previous childcare experiences available should parents/guardians request them! If you do not have 2 references but are willing and able to do childcare, please indicate that in the comments box.
We ask that students volunteering for childcare have two references on-hand; do you have access to references if asked? *
Do you have any healthcare-specific certifications (BLS, CPR, First Aid, etc.)? If so, please specify: *
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Location (zipcode or general area, e.g. "south end, somerville, ect") - this is to match you with needs in your area
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