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The Good Times Hockey League of the Arts (“GTHLA” or “we”) was founded on the ideals of sportsmanship, fun, safety, camaraderie, collaboration, imagination, creative expression, community, social awareness, inclusion, equity, communication, responsibility, empathy, participation, understanding, being proactive and always building trust. We expect each player to adhere and promote these values. We encourage each member to share their ideas, imagination and creativity. By doing this we hope to build collaboration, cooperation and strengthen community around our values. We have many volunteer needs to help us operate please refer to the league website or email for further information. Extended volunteers will receive honorariums.

The GTHLA is an affiliate of the Hockey Association of the Arts. The HAA’s mission statement is posted at

In consideration of participation in the GTHLA:

1. All players agree to adhere to all the rules of the GTHLA found at and Hockey Canada, found at

2. All players and teams agree to take responsibility for their actions. It is everyone’s prerogative to establish and maintain a fun, safe, equitable and cooperative environment on and off the ice. All players agree to extend common respect to everyone involved with the GTHLA.

3. All players agree to be responsible for supervising and self-governing their teammates and enforcing strong sportsmanship and communication while promoting the values of the GTHLA. League officials are provided on and off the ice for guidance. The league officials, including the Fair Play Committee, will provide a minimum acceptable guideline to assist teams and players in remaining within the values and mission of the GTHLA.

If there are any issues with missed infractions or consistent unsportsmanlike behaviour from specific opposing players, players agree to indicate it to their captain, who can then discuss it further with the referees and/or opposing captains during the game and/or with league officials after the game. Finally, every team agrees to demand discipline from their own players before they expect it from others. Repetitive unsportsmanlike behaviour or egregious infraction of the rules of the GTHLA may lead to expulsion from the league.

4. All players agree to collaborate through assisting the league in administration work and/or fundraising and to always work toward benefiting the GTHLA as a whole and never to exploit the league and its community for the benefit of an individual, team or a group, unless the league approves in advance (e.g. helping raise some financial assistance for a member who has lost his/her main source of income due to an accidental hockey injury).
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