F9 D2 Website Profile 2017
WEBSITE PROFILE is a Miss Arkansas State Form: Some of the information below will be posted on the Miss Arkansas website http://www.missarkansas.org/contestants. PLEASE COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:
(submit the information as it is to BE PRINTED on the website Website Profile-2017- form information may be used in the pageant script or other locations as determined by Miss Arkansas.
Name *
What is your Name? List the Contestant Name exactly as you want to see it posted on the website. Remember to use this name on all paperwork and on all social media.
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Title *
What is your Local Preliminary Title with the word Miss.
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Age *
What is your age at the time of Miss Arkansas 2015? Example: 18, 19, 23 etc
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Talent *
What is your talent type? Example: Play Piano, Ballet en pointe, Dance: Tap/Jazz/etc, Saxophone Solo, Dramatic Interpretation, etc
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Talent Name *
What is the title/name of your talent music or talent type
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Platform *
List your Platform title as you wish it to appear on the websites. This title is what your have chosen as your platform brand. When selecting your Platform title remember print space on the website is limited. Feel free to use what title you wish but print space is many times limited to a specific number of characters.
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Hometown *
What is your Hometown? List the name of your city you want listed on the website as your home town.
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School *
What College, University, Higher Education Institution do/did you attend?
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Parents or Guardians Name: EXAMPLE: Mr and Ms. Jack Wilson or Susie and Jack Wilson. Please give both names. If the Parents are not together give each name like Susie Wilson and Jack Wilson so we know to print separately. If there are step parents make it clear how we are to print the parents names.Print exactly as you would like it to be printed. Remember edit may occur due to limited print space.
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