Team Reboot - Tri Team Program
The inspiration for Team Reboot came while pondering how we can better help our athletes from both sides of our business (The Fast Lab & Pain Solutions). On one side, we have Pain Solutions which is dedicated to helping injured athletes regain mobility, muscle balance, and good health . On the other side, The Fast Lab is all about enhancing performance through testing, functional strength training, muscle imbalance correction along with massage, nutrition and training services. We want to create a program that seamlessly takes athletes from one side of the business to the other. From regaining health, mobility, and strength to optimizing performance without the weird stop-and-start transition from going through a PT program to a completely unrelated training program. This fee based program will help you regain your athleticism and success.

From this inspiration, Team Reboot was born.

The mission of this team is to take athletes who have physical limitations holding them back from achieving success and rebooting/rebuilding their bodies from the ground up. These limitations could be injuries, muscle imbalance, poor technique, poor mobility, lack of strength, etc. Unlike most endurance training programs, this team will not just be a series of track or cycling workouts (although there will be some of this). Instead, it will start by building a strong foundation through weekly classes and monthly clinics that are designed to rebuild the body with mobility training, corrective exercise, functional strength, and technique development. All done while under the supervision of Lee Carman, PT and Head Coach Becky Black with the help of the other members of The Fast Lab Performance Team.

While most training programs start with a "base building phase" for endurance, Team Reboot is designed with a "ground up" training plan to enhance sport specific athleticism. We will start by improving the foundation of every athlete (mobility and muscle balance). After we will progress into general functional strength training & sport specific skill (technique) development. The program also includes weekly swim, bike, run workouts for each athlete to do on their own that are designed specifically to compliment your class work. If the athlete already have a coach who delivers their training program, we will gladly work with them to ensure that both programs mesh well together.

Tentative Schedule, Commitment, & Cost:

Program runs October - August
3 month minimum commitment (contract)
2x/week classes focused on mobility training, corrective exercise, functional strength, and technique development
10 athletes per class session maximum

List of Services/Benefits included:

2 to 3 times weekly small group classes (max of 10 people)
Monthly clinics designed on specific topics
15% discount on all other services & testing
Premium Training Peaks Account
Automatic enrollment into our Ambassador Program

Services/Benefits NOT included:
Discounts on Physical Therapy sessions (when using insurance)

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