Global Citizenship and Ethics Living/Learning Community: Resident Application
The Global Citizenship and Ethics Living/Learning Community (LLC) provides a unique space on-campus, in which students ethically engage the world locally and globally. The LLC offers students the opportunity to engage with global citizenship and ethics off-campus through funded house trips and on-campus through dinners, social events, and discussions with faculty and guests, all of which provide excellent networking opportunities.

This house will be an exciting opportunity for students interested in big ethical questions related to human rights, global migration, the environment, regulatory governance, human behavior and decision-making, or religion's role in public life. Residents will have the opportunity to shape how the LLC wrestles with questions about what global citizenship might mean in a pluralistic world through taking on leadership roles and pinpointing their personal ethical interests.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Wed Feb 14, by 11:59pm.
You will be informed of your status by Mon Feb 19.

NOTE: If accepted this housing assignment will supersede any previous housing assignments/communications that you may have already received.

This opportunity is only available to students currently enrolled at Duke University in Durham, NC.

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