IFMP Youth Group Participation Questionnaire
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Most of us want to be involved with something meaningful, to do volunteer work that gives us a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. Some of us are already doing it and some of us are still looking for something worthwhile, to do more or different than what we are already doing. If you are one of this mindset and are looking for volunteering opportunities, India Foundation of Metropolitan Princeton (IFMP) is looking for you. This program is being introduced especially for youth (ages 10 through 20) but will make exceptions in special circumstances.

Since 1977 IFMP has been involved with community events, primarily to promote Indian heritage and culture. However, IFMP has also been active in community at large as well. IFMP started a Youth chapter in December, 2012 and conducted a number of events, e.g. visiting Nursing homes and entertaining the elderly with music and dances besides other activities. Our efforts have resulted in many youngsters enhance their talent and be excited for more volunteering opportunities; and now we are taking the next step of expanding this youth group.

IFMP is starting a program to have a pool of volunteers and match them with the activities of their interests. Some events would be organized by IFMP but some may be managed by other organizations. Basically, IFMP will try to be a one-stop resource for worthwhile causes and organizations and we will try to align you with the activities that match your inclination. If you are interested in joining this pool, please provide us with the information about your interest(s), passions and/or skills so we can align your talent with the available opportunities. Please fill up the form below to provide us with the needed information.


IFMP Committee
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Community Affairs:
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Religious Events:
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Fundraising Activities:
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Other Activities:
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About Yourself
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Why do you think volunteerism is for you?
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What is your availability?
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By signing this, I affirm that the information provided above is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also affirm that I will adhere to the rules and regulations of IFMP.
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