Choreographer Proposal Sheet Permanent
Is this slotted as an out of rounds Dance *
Choreographer Name(s)
Type of Dance
# of dancers (including the choreographer)
ONE Sentence-Newspaper Description (EXAMPLE- A beautiful and Moving Trio that will put a spring in your step, and a tear in your eye.) (EX. 2 A Lightning Quick Action Packed Contemporary Jazz Work that Pulls the audience to the edge of their seats, Then fish slaps them back into submission.)
Identify the basic concept behind your dance. (Give as much detail as possible within your idea)
Movement styles you are planning to use to portray your work and why?
Anticipated costume requirements
Anticipated prop or stage requirements (lighting etc.)
Is there any reason this proposal should NOT be selected for this round? Yes (with explanation) or NO *
This is not a trick question- nor will it remove your piece from consideration for a given round. You are just letting us know. (for example- "I am a graduating senior, and I have seven college apps that are due in three weeks. I cannot devote time to choreography until Mid October")
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