2017 NFA Focus & Funding Award Proposal
The purpose of the NFA Focus & Funding awards are two-fold.

Firstly they are intended to encourage the community as a whole to focus resources and energy by making a collective decision to support a few initiatives each year. The decisions are made in a transparent and collective way using a participatory grantmaking process. (In the future we hope to move to a participatory budgeting process).

Secondly the awards are intended to provide seed funding to members who have a project that if realised will provide community benefit. The project could benefit a particular niche or sector in the community or the whole community. We are keen to support projects that are one off projects that can be implemented within a specific timeframe as well as seed social entrepreneurial ongoing projects.

Please use this form to contribute your bright and brilliant project/initiative proposal to the NFA Community. If you have a smaller screen use the SCROLL function on the right to see all of the questions.

This form needs to be completed in one sitting. We recommend that you copy and paste the questions requiring a more considered response into a word processing file on your computer - that way you can save what you are writing and then cut and paste it back into the form.

There are maximum word counts for parts of the proposals. The purpose of the word count is to give you a sense of how much you need to write and the opportunity to distill your proposal to the essential information. It also gives NFA members a succinct easy to read proposal document as your proposal may be one of many.

To get an accurate word/character count you can use word processing software - like Word or Pages or the online tool https://wordcounter.net/

You must be an NFA member or member organisation to apply for the NFA Focus and Funding Awards.

You or someone from your project team must attend the Gather-In on 25 March 2017 in the Universal Hall to present the proposal to the NFA members present.

If you have any problems completing this form please contact Ariane 691841.

Email address *
Proposer *
Name of Organisation or Group
Skip this if you are an individual member
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Project Champion
Your proposal needs a Project Champion. This person will be the point of contact for the proposal process and also if the project receives an award.
Name *
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Phone Number *
The one you can most easily be reached on.
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Issue and Proposal
Proposal Title *
This is the title people will read in the booklet and notice boards and also how your presentation will be introduced. Come up with something that helps people immediately understand what your proposal is addressing.
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Ecovillage Model
Please choose one or two of the following areas that you think your project is aligned with. You may read them and think - well it's all of them - please choose the top two.
Issue your project will address *
Describe in 75 words/500 characters or less, the issue your proposed project/initiative would address.
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Proposal *
Describe your proposed project/initiative that would address the issue. There is a maximum word count of approximately 500 words or 3099 characters.
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Who Benefits?
Who benefits if your proposed project/initiative was carried out? *
All proposals if carried out need to directly benefit the NFA members community. We're using community in the widest sense of the word to include the nature communities as well as the humans. While we love projects that take place in other parts of the world, we are specifically seeking projects/initiatives that support the NFA community in the area. Please describe who benefits. Approximately 150 words/1000 characters
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Request for Support
What kind of community support would you like? *
Give us a sense of the type of support you are seeking.
If you are seeking funds: What is the full cost for carrying out your proposed project?
You will need to email or provide a printed copy of your project/initiative budget
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Do you want full or partial funding support from the NFA community?
How much would you like the NFA community to contribute?
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Project/Initiative Timeline
Proposed Start Date *
When, ideally would you like to start the project/initiative?
Proposed Completion Date
When, ideally do you imagine the project to be completed? Put same date as start date if it is an on-going project that you'd like to see continuing on into the forseeable future and beyond.
Agreement from Partnering Organisations, Groups or Individuals
If your proposal is contingent on other organisations/groups saying yes, have you received their agreement?
For example - if your project is to take place on the Findhorn Hinterland, has the Findhorn Hinterland Trust said yes to the project?
Support and Accountability
Seeing a project through from that initial spark of inspiration to completion can be a challenge. Do you and your project have support?

A few trusted friends who can give you support and honest feedback as you go along, a steering committee, a board of directors from an existing organisation - are ways to have a support network. What is yours?

Have you set up a support network? *
If yes: Your Support Network
Briefly describe the support network / team that will help you accomplish the project/initiative in the timeframe you proposed.
Your answer
If no: Please tell us how you intend to ensure the project / initiative is carried out.
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Are you happy to be accountable to the NFA community?
If the NFA community select your project / initiative for NFA support you will be given the opportunity in simple ways to report to the community. This may be at a community meeting, a council meeting or in another form appropriate to the project/initiative.
If your project does not receive an award this time will you do the project/initiative anyway? *
The Gather-in
You will have 3-5 minutes to the issue your project addresses and your proposal - why the project should receive NFA support. There will be time for the audience to ask questions.

If you are not an experienced presenter you can ask someone else to present on your behalf, however this is also a great opportunity gain presenting experience.

We plan to run a presentation support workshop on 18 March.

Will you be available present your proposal at the Gather-in on the 25 March? *
Presentation support workshop
If there is interest we will hold a presentation support session on Saturday 18 March starting at 2:30 pm for about 2 hours. Would you come? If you select yes then before the 18 March prepare a presentation of between 3 - 5 minutes. If you're using slides - only use a few - maybe 4 - 6 at the most - and choose images rather than a lot of words.
The Application Process
This Application Form
Please tell us what would make this form even better. Are there any questions that are missing?
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