Welcome to the Vermont Library Substitute Pool!
Participants in the Vermont Library Substitute Pool (VLSP) are offering their skills to libraries in need of a substitute or temp on their staff. The list of candidates is available to one representative from each of the participating libraries and if a library is interested they will contact you to work out the details. The information you provide will remain in the database for one year, at which time we'll contact you to see if you want to continue. If you need to remove your entry or make a change, please contact vermontlibrariesmembers@gmail.com

To join simply fill out the form below:

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Please enter your full name and the way you prefer to be addressed, if applicable. For example, Katherine (Kitty) Smith.
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Please indicate whether you have a Vermont Certificate of Public Librarianship from the Vermont Department of Libraries.
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Please indicate if you have some other kind of formal credentials. For example, UVM School Library Media Studies Sequence.
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Automated Library Systems
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Please enter a SHORT descripton including any additional information that someone may need to know when considering your help. For example: As a school librarian, I am only available in the school year summer; or, I am only interested in original cataloging projects. It is NOT appropriate to write a letter, copy your resume, or repeat information illustrated in other parts of the form here. If the entry is too long, it will be edited.
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